Infuse Me Cupcakes

Alcohol infused cupcakes...because cupcakes are cheaper than therapy! ​
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We are a home-based Veteran owned bakery and deliver within 15 miles from zip code 76054.  There is a delivery fee of $10.00...FREE within 5 miles of 76054 (subject to availability).  $12 minimum order
Special instructions or requests. (custom design charges may apply)
Full Delivery Address (street, city, state and zip code) Please include Suite or Apt. Number.
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Quantity (order by half or full dozen) Must meet minimum order amount of $20.
Date of Delivery (minimum of 48 hour notice required) Same day deliveries may be available ($20 rush order charge applied).
Requested time of delivery: 1pm - 3pm or 3pm - 5pm
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